If you’d like to field a team in this year’s BBQ on the Bow Competition, please fill out the online team application form at the link below.

2016 BBQ Team Application

2016    TEAMS

1  Notorious P.I.G.                                     Calgary

2 Smellaque                                                Calgary AB

3 Porky Fatstacks BBQ                             Calgary AB

4 Rocky Mountain Smokers                    Calgary AB

5 Red Boar BBQ              *                         Red Deer AB

6 Smokin’ Sowbellies                                 Peace River AB

7 Mad Cow Barbecue                                 Langley BC

8 Cornerstone BBQ & Spice                       Edmonton AB

9 Bordertown Bar B Que                            Lloydminster AB

10 Wild Hogs BBQ                                      Colorado Spring CO

11 You Need a BBQ            *                        Sherwood Park AB

12 Smokey Beard BBQ      *                        Red Deer AB

13 Smoke Barrell BBQ       *                        Calgary AB

14 Big T’s BBQ                     *                        Calgary AB

15 Arrowhead North                                     White City Saskatchewan

16 The Devil made me Q it                          Saskatoon Sask

17 Lewis and Sons World Famous BBQ *  Calgary AB.

18 BBQ Team Nait  *                                    Edmonton AB

19 The Big LebowsQ                                     Calgary AB

20 Cowtown Smoke & Grillers                     Calgary AB

21 Rack Rubbers    *                                      Calgary AB

22 Smoky Butt BBQ                                      Didsbury AB

23 Bush Kitchen                                             Redmond Washington

24 Smitty Q                                                      Calgary AB

25 Smokapalooza                                            Calgary

26 Barbecuing in the Burbs                          Calgary

27 Big Boy BBQ                                               Saskatchewan

28 Natural Born Grillers   *                           Manning AB.

29 House of Q                                                  Surrey BC

30 Smoke Eaters BBQ                                    Calgary AB

31 Northlands Pitmasters                              Edmonton

32 You Break It We Brisket *                        Calgary

33 Longhorn Southern BBQ*                        Red Deer

34 Gettin Sauced                                              Lethbridge

35 Barrell Q                                                       Calgary

36 Smoking Crocus                                          Calgary

37 Motley Que                                                   Grande Prairie

38. #ALLMEATSMATTER*                            Airdrie

39 Lake Louise Smokin’ Grizzly Bears         Lake Louise AB.

40 Ben’s BBQ                                                      Calgary