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The Joy Award

Joy Bilozir was a fierce competitor – in life and in Chili and Barbecue competitions.   Joy would cheer all other competitors on while trying to beat them. She loved breathing down their necks!!  She encouraged people (some would say she “pushed” people) to beat her, and most of all, to have fun.  The motto “If you don’t have fun, it’s your own damn fault” applied to every aspect of her daily life.

After being diagnosed with ALS (on her birthday) on April 8, 2008 she made a bucket list of what she wanted to do before her life’s journey ended.  Her bucket list was full of competitions – The World Chili Championship, BBQ on the Bow, and any other competitions she could possibly attend before she was called home. 
Joy went on to compete at the Trail Barbecue Championship, The Montana State Chili Championship, Strathmore Barbecue Championship and  BBQ on the Bow, before her journey was ended – she even reached her “acme”: Top 10 in Salsa and in the Last Chance Chili competition at the World Chili Championship!
The Joy Award is awarded to the competitor / volunteer / judge who best exemplifies the qualities of sportsmanship and encouragement to others. It recognizes an individual who goes beyond what is expected of them and who does it all with a smile!
Joy Bilozir
the joy award

Joy Award Winners

2019 Darryl Mattern

2018 Rocky Mountain Smokers

2017 Montgomery Community Association

2016 You Need A BBQ

2015 Wayne & June Fettback

2014 Morley Hansen

2013 Cindy McLeod & her volunteers

2012 Bernie Kenny

2010 Mike Johnson

2009 Morley Hansen

2008 Joy Bilozir

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