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Calling all KCBS Certified Barbecue Judges!

BBQ on the Bow has opened applications to join its Judging Team for the 2022 BBQ on the Bow.
Contest dates are September 2 – 4 at Calgary Shriners Stables.

BBQ on the Bow only accepts judges that have taken a KCBS certification course and are KCBS members in good standing. We provide our teams with 100% certified judges.  More certified BBQ judging classes will be held in the future. Certified judges can apply here.


3.11 Judging by Team Members and/or Family Members

Question: Can team and/or family members serve as a judge and/or number changer if their team is entered in the contest?

No. If a team is cooking at a contest, a team member(s) and/or family member(s) of that team cannot judge or change numbers at that contest.

A family member is defined as a person living at the same address and/or immediate family which is considered to be husband, wife, significant other, children, father, mother, sister or brother.

The team/family member(s) may work leftover, Table Captain or Turn-in (except number changer), if assigned by the Rep at that contest.

The team/family member will abide by the “Fraternization Rule” concerning being in and around the cook sites, including the team in question.

Participating team/family members must advise the Reps/Judge Coordinator of their relationship with the participating team to avoid conflict and disappointment.

Violation of this Advisory will constitute the initiating of the “3 Step Rule”. BOD 6/14/17

Judge Take Home Cooler Size

The KCBS Board approved this motion, starting January 2019. “Take home containers/coolers for a Judge be the size that will fit under the Judge’s seat.” It was not in the motion, but would be acceptable if the container/cooler will fit between the Judge’s feet.

The motion was brought to the Board for the safety of all in the Judging area, Table Captains while carrying trays, Judges moving between categories and evacuation of the judging area in case of an emergency.

Beginning in January 2019, the Reps at a contest will ask the judge to take their containers/cooler back to their car if they do not comply to this standard.

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