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BBQ on the Bow only accepts judges that have taken a KCBS certification course and are KCBS members in good standing with them. We provide our teams with 100% certified judges.  More certified BBQ judging classes will be held in the future. Certified judges can apply here.

Judging Classes

Want to become a judge for BBQ on the Bow? We will be holding a judging class in Spring 2018. In a half-day’s time, you’ll learn how to grade world-class chicken, shoulder pork, ribs and brisket – and taste them during the process!

By the time you’re finished, you’ll be ready to apply for the next competition in your area or at any KCBS event worldwide!

KCBS Certified Judges Course - 2018


Date: April 21, 2018  1:00pm to 6:00pm

Location: Montgomery Community Association – 5003 16 Avenue NW, Calgary

Cost: $150 non KCBS members (includes membership), $100 for current members (must provide membership number)


3.11 Judging by Team Members and/or Family Members
Question: Can team and/or family members serve as a judge and/or number changer
if their team is entered in the contest?

No. If a team is cooking at a contest, a team member(s)
and/or family member(s) of that team cannot judge or change numbers at that
contest. The team/family member(s) may work Leftover, Table Captain, or Turn-in
(Except Number Changer), if assigned by the Rep at that contest. The
team/family member will abide by the “Fraternization Rule” concerning being in
and around the cook sites, including the team in question. Participating
team/family members must advise the Reps/Judge Coordinator of their
relationship with the participating team to avoid conflict and disappointment.
Violation of this Advisory will constitute the initiating of the “3 Strike
Rule”. BOD 6/14/17

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