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BBQ on the Bow only accepts judges that have taken a KCBS certification course and are KCBS members in good standing with them. We provide our teams with 100% certified judges.  More certified BBQ judging classes will be held in the future. Certified judges can apply here.


3.11 Judging by Team Members and/or Family Members
Question: Can team and/or family members serve as a judge and/or number changer
if their team is entered in the contest?

No. If a team is cooking at a contest, a team member(s)
and/or family member(s) of that team cannot judge or change numbers at that
contest. The team/family member(s) may work Leftover, Table Captain, or Turn-in
(Except Number Changer), if assigned by the Rep at that contest. The
team/family member will abide by the “Fraternization Rule” concerning being in
and around the cook sites, including the team in question. Participating
team/family members must advise the Reps/Judge Coordinator of their
relationship with the participating team to avoid conflict and disappointment.
Violation of this Advisory will constitute the initiating of the “3 Strike
Rule”. BOD 6/14/17

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