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The Barbeque on the Bow Society will be on the September long weekend. Our new location is 5151 101 St NW, Calgary, AB T3L 1S4.  Contact us at or text at 403.807-3119 for more information.

BBQ on the Bow is one of just a few longest-running continuous sanctioned BBQ competitions in North America as we managed to have our 29th and 30th-year events in a campground during Covid. This will be year 31. For 2022 we decided to run two smaller events, one in Bassano in June and our own in Calgary in September. Next year we are looking forward to bringing back the bands and all the vendors that go with it.


This is a KCBS Master Series contest. Meats are NOT included. Teams must supply their own. New Amateur event for back yard cooks in 2022. This is a two meat competition on September 3rd. Meat is supplied for this contest.

The master series competition gives teams a chance at winning a shot at going to the American Royal or to win a bung for the Jack Daniels world championships.

We will have electricity, water, grease, and coal bins as well as a garbage area provided for you.

Covid restrictions may apply if required.

New Teams

New teams can cook in the amateur or master series contest or both. Pro teams can cook in the Master Series event only. Kids Que is free for kids but must be under supervision from an adult. Protein is provided.

Please fill in the same form and click on the same link. The amateur event is for people that have never been a head cook in a sanctioned competition before. We will monitor the applications to make the registrations as fair as possible for all the cooks. People that have cooked several pro events but are not the head cooks should not apply. Cooks under the age of18 will be considered amateur. If you have any questions about being eligible to cook send us an email. We will have some nice prizes for the winners of both competitions.

New Pro teams: Before you register please make sure you read the rules for KCBS and the information for teams about tents and fire extinguishers as per KCBS requirements.

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