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BBQ Team Registration

If you’d like to field a team in this year’s BBQ on the Bow Competition, please fill out the online team application form at the link below.

BBQ on the Bow Trophies

BBQ on the Bow

Sept 2 – 4, 2022

Calgary Shriners Stables

5151 101 St NW Calgary, Alberta

Questions? Contact

2022 BBQ Team Application
BBQ on the Bow Competition

$10,000 in cash prizes for Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, Third Overall, Fourth Overall, Individual Categories, Chef’s Savoury & Chef’s Sweet.

Teams compete for prize money and a chance to cook at the American Royal in Kansas City, and a shot to win a draw to compete at the World Invitational Jack Daniels BBQ Competition in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

BBQ on the Bow follows the rules established by Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS).   Please review and be familiar with these rules before you arrive. Check for the current rules.

Event Schedule

BBQ on the Bow in action
Meat Turn In
Friday, September 2nd

Trailer drop off or early team set up 4PM – 9PM

Saturday, September 3rd

Team move in 8AM – 10AM

Meat Inspections 9AM – 11AM

Sunday, September 4th

Main Meats

Meat Turn In
Meat Turn In

Team Information:

Registration is now open for 2022
    Bernie Kenny: (403) 708 – 1900 or email:
    Richard Fafara: (403) 284 – 1417 or email:
Mailing/Delivery address for payment:
    BBQ on the Bow
    c/o 2014 7 Avenue NW
    Calgary, AB T2N 0Z6
    Fax: (403) 284 – 1461
Rules – KCBS:
BBQ on the Bow follows the rules established by Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS).  Please review and be familiar with these rules before you arrive. Check for the current rules.
It’s all in the technique. Talented teams of cooks from Canada and the US will vie for the title of “Alberta Champion”.  Who can cook the (best chicken, pork ribs, pork butt and brisket) over slow burning wood or charcoal?  Our judges will put their taste buds to the test.
$10,000 in Cash & Prizes:
    Grand Champion
    Reserve Champion
    Third Overall
    Fourth Overall
    Individual Categories
    Chef’s Savoury
    Chef’s Sweet
Additional Information:
  • Out of town teams – please let us know your estimated time of arrival on your form.
  • We can place rigs and some teams on site Friday during the day from 4 till 9 PM
  • Site Management will show all teams to their spot upon arrival.
  • It is mandatory to bring ground covering or plywood to go under your BBQ’s, lids, worktables and space to protect the grass.
  • For those who bring their own tents: 1-2 ONLY 10 x 10 tent allowed.  All tents must be coded with a fire retardant label sewn directly into the tent [Alberta Fire Code regulation CAN/ULC-S109].  All tents must be weighed down with sandbags or concrete blocks. Please note that the City Building Inspectors will be on site to inspect.
  • KCBS and Calgary Health Services recommend bringing your own Hand Wash Station – see Calgary Health Services site.
  • You are required to bring your own fire extinguisher, meat thermometer, plastic garbage cans with lots of bags, grease bucket, small plastic wash basin, disposable gloves, bleach solution, charcoal, broom and degreaser.
  • Please strip plastic off tables, kick-down & stack your tables at end of event.  Bag your garbage and take it to designated garbage area. Your help is appreciated.
Site Damage:
This is a Community Center and we need to respect it as such.  Hot coal and grease containers will be available in designated areas on site.  Please note where they are located. Let’s protect the grass from damage. Sweep any charcoal and degrease any spots from around your area before you leave the site.
Please conserve water – do not leave the taps running when washing up and keep sink areas clean. Remember we want to give our spectators a good impression–keep your areas neat and tidy.  The Health Department will be on site.  A couple of shared triple sinks with hot and cold running water will be available.  Grey water containers will be in place.  Please do not throw grease directly into the sinks or grey water tanks. Wipe your pans out with paper towels first.
Crowd Control:
We will rope off your area to give you some breathing room from interested spectators. Ask them politely to respect your space and stay on the other side of the tape. Due to AHS restrictions we ask you not to give out samples to the public unless certified to do so.
Excessive noise and/or rowdy behavior will result in BBQ on the Bow competition disqualification, subject to a decision rendered by the BBQ on the Bow Society Board or at the discretion of the KCBS Representatives.
Meat Inspection:
KCBS rules allows meat to be trimmed. (see rules:   Please note that there is no refrigeration on-site for competitors use.  Make sure your coolers have enough ice on the products you bring to cook.
We use a double blind system. Containers are 9×9  and will be supplied during meat inspection or at the Head Cook’s Meeting.
Please be patient.  Ensure your site is degreased and swept, garbage bagged and taken to designated garbage area.  You will not be able to move your vehicle out until after the awards.
Chef’s Choice Rules:
This year there are two Chef’s Choice categories – Savoury and Sweet. Each is a separate competition and has an entry fee of $25 which will cover prize money and pay for ribbons. $20 from each participant will be put into the pot – winner takes all.
    – all preparation must be done on-site
    – no alcohol served or accompanied with turn-in
    – no explosives, fireworks, etc.
    – no live animals,(like goldfish)
    – no tall tippy glasses
    – there must be enough for at least 6 judging samples
    – each entry must fit onto a single platter, plate, etc. not to exceed 24 inches by 18 inches.
    – entry fee is included with your application
    – remember to garnish…be creative!
The Jon Lord “Lords of the Grill” Rookie of the Year:
Awarded to the highest scoring rookie team, as defined by the following criteria:
   – 1st year of BBQ competition under a specific team name and head cook participating in less than 5 events
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